2023 Eaton Award

The University of Chicago Federalist Society is pleased to announce the winner of the second annual Eaton Award, a writing prize made possible by the generous donation of Professor Philip Eaton! The award is designed to encourage new scholarship in the area of Constitutional Law and to develop young Constitutional Law scholars. This year’s topic invited students to consider how free speech should work on social media. 

The winner of the 2023 award is Ariana Wilner, for her essay: "The Constitutionality of Platform Content Moderation Bans from a Historical Perspective." Her essay, alongside the official prompt and the rules for submission, can be viewed below. It can also be viewed on SSRN via this link.

We would also like to congratulate Will Foster, who is an honorable mention for his essay: "Originalism, The Right to Publish, & Social Media." 

Eaton Award Winner 2023.pdf
Eaton Award 2023.pdf

Prior Recipients

Eli Nachmany (2022)

Saving Originalism: The Source-Based Endeavor of Interpretation and the Three Questions Originalism Must Answer