2024 Eaton Award

The University of Chicago Federalist Society is excited to announce the winner of the 2024 Eaton Award: Jack Ferguson for "Stipulating the Law of Agency Independence." Jack's winning submission on how courts should respond to stipulated facts that arguably create constitutional issues, as analyzed through the lens of SEC v. Jarkesy, can be read below:

Stipulating the Law of Agency Independence-2[68].pdf

We would also like to congratulate our two honorable mention recipients: Branton Nester for "Judicial Power and Church Autonomy" and Will Foster for "The Local Judicial Power."

Thank you to everyone who submitted a paper for this year's competition. Our panel was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the submissions. Stay tuned in the fall for more information about next year's competition!

Prior Recipients

Ariana Wilner (2023)

"The Constitutionality of Platform Content Moderation Bans from a Historical Perspective."

Her essay can be viewed on SSRN via this link.

Eli Nachmany (2022)

"Saving Originalism: The Source-Based Endeavor of Interpretation and the Three Questions Originalism Must Answer."